Hey, this is Mike!
One of the owners of Waking Up In Vegas. Glad you could stop by our website.

When my Mom said I'd never amount to anything drinking booze and selling drugs,
I took that challenge seriously and started this company. (Sorry Mom - I still love ya)

But all joking aside, the fact is hangover protection is finally a real concept. Proven, safe and effective. And at a cost per pack that's less money than that last drink you bought, there's no reason you shouldn't want to feel good the next day.

Plus we make it so easy! One convenient pack in your pocket is all you need. When your night is over, simply rip it open and chase 3 capsules with 12oz of water. Let our product do the rest while you sleep. W
ake up feeling refreshed. That simple.

Here's to NEVER saying NEVER again!